Dec.2014.. Universal and innovative solutions for lubrification


The TKT R&D department has developed “UNIVERSAL” solutions to respond in a pioneering and effective way to a more and more demanding market, focused on the combination performance improvement / cost reduction. 

The innovative TECNOVO’s lubricant “TECNOLUBRE FM/913” is a multifunctional product sodium based, 100% free from borax, boron and dust, used with outstanding results for a wide range of applications, among which steel cord, bead wire, stainless steel, PC wire, spring wire, low carbon wires, galvanized wire.

No other marketed product can provide equivalent application advantages as: no dust in the working environment; drastically lubricant consumption reduction; melting point in the range 90°/300° and customizable; drawing speed increase; a better solubility in water and a clean wire surface; no black lumps on die boxes.

In the same way the use of KONER’s PRESSURE DIES “K.340”, patented worldwide, allows to obtain a better and excellent lubrication with consequent higher productivity, a longer nib life (+30%), higher wire quality, reduction in operating costs  of 40% and a very quick return on investment in just few weeks.


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